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The company Academia Serdica Acta, ASA is founded 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria and is responsible for publishing two scientific journals. The Place of Publication for both journals is Sofia, Bulgaria. We aim to publish original works containing new approaches and ideas of the Mathematics related to Theoretical Physics and also original works containing new approaches, ideas and effective technologies in Material Science and Chemistry by which save energy, protect environment, and solve ecological problems.

Journals of ASA:

  •  –  Electronic Journal of New Materials, Energy and Environment;
  •  –  Contemporary Methods in Mathematical Physics and Gravitation;





Latest Papers

    • Ludmil Fachikov 
      Amorphous Phosphate Coatings on Steel Surfaces – preparation and characterization 
    • M. Hristova
      Prediction of the flash point of ternary ideal mixtures
    • Book Review by Alfons G. Buekens, Luc Hens
      Environmental Engineering: Principles and Practice 
      By Richard O. Mines, Jr.